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"Ellison is especially adept at couching emotionally raw lvric's in deceptively ebullient sounding settings, conveying his messages while retaining the music's essential optimism


Nonetheless. it sounds as if this longtime sideman is noised to break free on his own and make an indelible mark."

David Whiteis- Living Blues Magazine 

“His music is composed of a healthy mix of gospel, blues, and soul, as well as a little bit of rock ‘n’ roll”.

Quinton Douglas- Brownsville Press

Ellison decided to use his platform as a way to bring light to the issues that are transpiring. His latest music single "I Bleed Red Just Like You" addresses and talks about these issues.


As he alluded to in his song, the only way for true change to take place is for everyone to unite and come together as one.

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